Thursday, December 13, 2007


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Anonymous said...


I find it very interesting that the last 4 Yankees World Series victories occurred during the midst of the steroid era. Hmmmmm ....

Josh said...

This is a surprise?

Anonymous said...

Guess he really was in the "twilight of his career" when he left Boston, huh?

Anonymous said...

Yankees suck.

Your hoary mouth said...
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Bob said...

I have just finished reading the Mitchell report. I find it very ironic to compare Clemens vs Bonds in the mItchell report. Bonds looks like a passive user and Clemens an abuser of steroids. When will we see Clemens get his due as the True 'King" of the steroid era !!

Roger and Curt Schilling said...

Well, Well, what does Mr.Schilling have to say about his buddy Roger?
Schilling sure had plenty to say about Bonds. C'mon Curt, you came into the league thinner then Bonds and you and Roger have been playing iwth roids for years !

baseballman said...

It's interesting that they get 70 to 80 players, yet a number of clubhouses and teams wouldn't talk to them. Clemens, guilty !
Bud, waht about Boston and the Brewers!!! How come they didn't cooperate ??
So the two teams that had the most conflicts with you and Mitchell didn't get exposed !

Brian Cashman said...

He's totally guilty! It's like, so obvious!

Andy said...

Mike and I can never respect this horrific Texan again.

Me said...

I think we should give this a couple days to play out and see what Roger's lawyers have to say...

Anonymous said...

Clemens' extreme offseason workout regiments look like nothing more than a cover up now. What a sad day for baseball. I will always wonder if someone performing extraordinary feats is on steroids now, rather than look at them in aw as I did when I was a kid growing up. What a shame =(

K. Lastima said...

Clemens takes male testosterone in the ass

Yankees Suck said...

Winning pitchers in 2000 World Series:

Game 1 Starter
Andy Pettitte (steroids)
Yankees win

Game 2 Starter
Roger Clemens (steroids)
Yankees win

Game 3 Starter
Orlando Hernandez (NO steroids)
Mets win

Game 4 Starter
Denny Neagle (steroids)
Yankees win

Game 5 Starter
Andy Pettitte (steroids)
Yankees win

Yankees Steroid Users in 2000 World Series:
30.2 IP, 5 ER, 1.46 ERA

Non-Steroid Users:
16.1 IP, 9 ER, 4.95 ERA

Conclusion: An asterisk next to 2000.